Attic Ashess

Attic Ashes

Director: N/A
Type: N/A
Synopsis: Attic Ashes – A closed space thriller. Cleaning out her deceased father’s farmhouse, Piper discovers a meth lab and is forced to defend her life against a terrifying onslaught of attacks from sadistic meth cookers hell bent on protecting their secrets, while she uncovers the truth about a father she never knew.
blood is thicker

Blood is Thicker

Director: Gabrielle E. Roesler
Type: Short
Synopsis: Lost after a plane crash in the forest, Ashley and Lauren only have two options: leave an injured man behind in order to save themselves, or stay and wait for help that may never come.
no preview available

The Valley of Blood

Writer: James Christopher
Type: Screenplay
Synopsis: In the late 1860’s, as a wagon train moves west toward Oregon in search of a fresh start, four riders must commit unthinkable acts of violence in order to keep their families safe. Years later, the murder of the town prostitute forces the horrible events to the surface. As each man must struggle with the sins committed in their past, they must fight for the future of the town of Eden’s Valley, their families and their souls.
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Unchained Love

Director: Israel Marquez
Type: N/A
Synopsis: A young couple’s struggle with infidelity turns violent