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Director: Brandon Gregory Somerhalder
Type: Short Documentary
Synopsis: Two old Burlington, Oklahoma natives tell stories from their past before burning their childhood barn to the ground.
falling south

Falling South

Director: Lorraine Portman
Type: Short
Synopsis: Charlotte puts Rochester in the rear view as she runs away from her husband. She has never been on her own and doesn’t know if she’ll make it as her resources are stripped away. She meets diverse women who offer connection, insight, and laughter on the road to Florida and a possible new life.
fox and the feast

Fox and the Feast

Director: Abrienne Summerer
Type: Short
Synopsis: The charming John must put his skills to the test as he tries to get a free meal from the wait staff of a 5 star restaurant, by pretending he got stood up by his girlfriend. Will his story be believable? Can he get a dinner without being found out?
girl meets roach

Girl Meets Roach

Director: Christopher Zatta
Type: Short
Synopsis: Dumped just before Christmas, a brokenhearted young woman forms an unlikely friendship…with a cockroach.
I stand: the guardians of the water

I Stand: The Guardians of the Water

Director: Kyle Kauwika Harris
Type: Documentary
Synopsis: The story of Standing Rock Sioux Nation and their continued opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline.
midnight oil: the making of a mural

Midnight Oil: The Making of a Mural

Director: Larry Ray Causey II
Type: Short Documentary
Synopsis: The journey of a West Texas artist as she researches, designs and paints a large mural depicting the history of oil discovery in the Permian Basin.
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Not Alone in This

Writer: Micah Watney
Type: Screenplay
Synopsis: Follow a snippet of life between two kids, Walt and Robby. Walt seems a bit distant to Robby, however. Everything may not be as it seems.
the red pill

The Red Pill

Director: Cassie Jaye
Type: Documentary
Synopsis: When a feminist filmmaker sets out to document the mysterious and polarizing world of the Men’s Rights Movement, she begins to question her own beliefs. The Red Pill chronicles Cassie Jay’s journey exploring an alternate perspective on gender equality, power and privilege.